Mexican Food In Ontario, CA

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With so many Mexican food choices, you’ll each be ordering your entrees, not sharing anything so some appetizers are good to discuss. My favorite is quesadillas; two flat flour tortillas with melted cheese in between. Nachos are also popular starters, as are dips, such as cheese, guacamole (avacado), bean dip or salsa. Each one of these will come with corn tortilla chips. Don’t overdo it on the chips though! You’ll want to save room for your main dish.

Choosing an entree is going to be a little more challenging. After a while, it may seem like all the dishes are different configurations of the same ingredients. Corn tortillas, wheat or flour. Sometimes crispy sometimes soft. Shredded chicken or beef are your main choices but pork can be option as well. Cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream are just some of the condiments added. Other options are also yummy, although the most famous dish is tacos. Fajitas are very similar to tacos, but the ingredients are brought on a sizzling hot plate with a great deal of fanfare to you, and the tortillas are often wheat. Both of these dishes are of the ‘some assembly required’ variety. Everything you are going to want to do, is take a tortilla in one hand, and then load the pliers into it with another hand. Set or beans on the bottom, then gooey items, such as guacamole, salsa, or sour cream your veggies, like lettuce and tomatoes. You can lay your finger across it without having gooey ingredients while you eat by getting the carrot at the top. In the event of shells that are soft, you need to fold them. The fold should be comparable to the way you might swaddle a baby– first fold one side almost all of the way round the flip side, then fold upward the bottom few inches leaving the top open. This way, stuff will be less likely to ooze the floor from. Given that you will be eating these together with your palms, the oozing, the better.

Try an entree if it sounds messy. Mexico is home to an incredible choice of fresh ingredients, from chocolate, to tomatoes and chilies, and from fish on the coasts. On some menus, you will come across a baked chicken dish with rice (arroz con pollo). You will likely also find enchiladas; chicken or beef wrapped in flour tortillas, then baked with a sauce, and topped with cheese.

Frequently as side dishes, you’ll get some legumes in addition to rice. These may be whole black beans, or re-fried beans. The term ‘re-fried’ is a small misnomer, since the beans aren’t really fried twice; they’re cooked, and then mashed, and fried just once. Of course, eat these as you normally would, with a fork or spoon. If those are on the facet of something you are eating with your hands, be sure to have an extra napkin to wash your hands so you don’t get messy when switching between finger food and fork food.